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Elevate Your Space: The 4-in-1 Music Lamp that Dances to Your Rhythm

Discover the ultimate blend of ambient lighting and crystal-clear sound in one elegant device.

Cutting-Edge Features of Your Music Lamp

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Fast 10W Charger

Wireless Charger

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360 Stereo

5W speaker with deep base

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Touch Night Light

3 levels of brightness

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Bluetooth Audio

Clear Sound

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1200 mAh

Large battery capacity

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Mobile Phone Holder

Always know where to find your phone

Unwrap the Joy of Perfection: The Ideal Gift for Those Who Deserve the Extraordinary
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Wireless Charger

Seamless Power-Up: Enjoy the convenience of our fast 10W wireless charger, designed to keep your devices energized and ready at all times

Built-in Cellphone Holder

Enjoy your favorite music, charge your devices wirelessly, and keep your phone conveniently within reach, all in one versatile and stylish device

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180° Light Pole Rotation

Effortlessly adjust the lighting direction and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion

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